Meet our newest Graduates



Ladies and Gentleman I am proud to introduce you to our All Saints Anglican School, Semester 2 Graduates of Find Your Fierce.

Through sweat, tears, laughter, shared stories and most of all loads of fun these five ladies have successfully graduated Find Your Fierce as fully fledged Fierce Females.

Please put your hands together, for the Fearless, Independent, Ethical,  Responsible, Courageous,  and Empowered Tayla, Daisy, Lilly, Tayla and Kirsty.

This course allows students to develop fundamental skills in self defence. Students are exposed to both physically and emotionally challenging situations to help them adapt to life as a young adult. The sessions are fantastic and cram as much into them as possible to maximise personnel development.
— Kirsty Branch
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The “Find Your Fierce’ women’s self defence course has taught me some super useful skills on what to do in all kinds of uncomfortable situations that you could find yourself in. This course is well structured and definitely worth the time, if anything, it is too short ;) I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and highly recommend it to all kinds of women. Amanda is super fun, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Daisy Fielding


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I am really really glad that I completed this course, it gave me such a great understanding of how situations can turn really quickly valuable ways that I can avoid confrontation and ensure my safety from just someone making an inappropriate comment all the way up to someone choking me. I feel empowered, and comfortable to live my life freely. During the lessons, I did however feel scared when defending against someone and it made me more submissive and fearful before each lesson. On numerous occasions I wanted to stop because I was scared, but it has taught me to overcome fear and it made me stronger mentally when in the attacking position. Tayla Coulson


I really liked the experience, very emotional and I was not expecting that. I found that I can be confident but at times I crumble. This course has made me realise I need to be more confident and trust myself. Lilly Smith



I’m so glad I did this in the end. It’s not like it has done anything wrong, actually this course was all a positive experience. It was hard and involved a lot of aggressive behaviour training which i am not used to even though I play basketball every day. It’s definitely something I will use in the future - but hopefully not soon ;)  Tayla Forbes

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