Let's bring our girls home safe!!

AP8 Fierce Females has fine tuned and polished our women's self defence - school program, until it is all shiny and perfect.  With 2017 well underway, we are throughly enjoying our time at All Saints Anglican School. Stacey Ward, has been so welcoming and the students are delightful young ladies, eager and keen to develop their very own fierce.  

The growth already seen in these young ladies is huge. which is a fantastic reminder about the good that can be achieved, when women unite and share knowledge. A smile rides my face knowing that, not only will these young ladies never get in a domestic violence situation, but that they are armed with the skills to help friends and family also. This reminds, drives and pushes me harder and harder to get our program into all schools. Ending the cycle of violence one empowered woman after another. Let's bring our girls home safe!