Gender Equality's role in Domestic Violence

Thank you to OUR WATCH for this beautifully presented video highlighting how gender equality in Australia plays a huge role in our rates of domestic violence/ violence against women.  

The statistics are real! The evidence is real! It is not a private issue to be left to the individuals involved, it is a national problem that we must all take responsability for. It is a cultural change needed from grass roots levels that will make the real difference.

What effect does your actions have on another?

Are you demonstrating and upholding gender equality?

Are you in a respectful relationship? 

It is our current actions, that set the tone for the next generation. It is our actions now, (as minor as they may feel) that change not only our lives but those in your immediate circle of friends and family. 

Your courage will empower others!!

Invest in your own safety, and happiness today!