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I loved it. It was a amazing experience. All females should do it if going in or out of an DV relationship. It gives more idea to what actually happens and how to help with people in DV relationships. 

Savannah Phillips (14)

My experience with AP8 Fierce Females has been amazing. Over the five weeks I have grown both physically and mentally. Amanda is so inspiring and I'm so glad I chose to do this course. I have definitely gained life long helpful skills.

Brittney Mulquin (16) 

After experiences with sexual assault I was encouraged to participate in “Find Your Fierce” to help me overcome my fears and to help me move on.

The structure and content on the course (both physical and psychological) has truly enlightened and empowered me!

It has given me confidence and the knowledge to know I can look after myself in any “bad” situation that I’m confronted with and be able to “walk away”!

Thank you so much FIND YOUR FIERCE!!!

Betty Wedding (57)

The AP8 Fierce Females course was very empowering, inspiring, fun and a new learning experience for me. When I first started it was very emotional for me and by the end I was having fun and had more courage in myself and where I am. MY experience in this course has been super, overwhelming, sore, accomplishing, grateful, crazy, exhausting, energising and inspiring. Most of the course has been crazy and fun, but some have been overwhelming. If i could I would ask all Australian woman to take this course and even schools. We all have had our up’s and our downs, laughs and cries, but we all got there in the end.

Brianna Bird (13)

AP8 Fierce Females was one of the most informative and interesting courses I have ever done. It helped me to realise we have so many ways to defend ourselves! I have found my fierce  Kaitlin Mackenzie

AP8 Fierce Females was one of the most informative and interesting courses I have ever done. It helped me to realise we have so many ways to defend ourselves! I have found my fierce

Kaitlin Mackenzie (23)


I really liked the experience, very emotional and I was not expecting that. I found that I can be confident but at times I crumble. This course has made me realise I need to be more confident and trust myself.

Lilly Smith (16)


My experience with AP8 Fierce Females helped me learn many techniques in self defence and helped me cope with uncomfortable situations. The first part taught me what the background and what happens out side of the fighting. As we moved on to the actual fighting pArt, although there were times where I didn't really want to do it or i felt uncomfortable, the course really taught me what to do in uncomfortable/inconvenient situations. This self defence course is worth while, and lots is learnt in the few months.

Leah Schwindack (12)


The Find Your Fierce course was absolutely amazing! It included not only a physical course but a course of theory which taught you how to evade fights. What I loved about this course is that it wasn't all about punching someone in the face but rather how to avoid conflict and remain calm. It gave us ways to make our lives safer in all situations, before the course I never knew you could ask the security to escort you to your car at night. I have often found myself using the techniques of this course in everyday life, when in stressful situations I am able to use the tools given to me from Find Your Fierce to remain calm and make good decisions. Another incredible gift this course presents is confident. Even though it isn't the most obvious lesson, it is subconscious throughout. I have found that i am allot more confident in myself and my capabilities post course and long after it is still helping me grow. All in all this is a fantastic course and if you are thinking of doing it... DO IT!!!

Kiarni Burton (16)


My experience with AP8 Fierce Females has been truly amazing and life changing for sure. There are theory lessons which taught us important information regarding how to deal with certain situations and how to increase your awareness. There were So many things I learnt the will definitely change my perspective on things and make me more aware of my surroundings, things that were simple and I never paid any attention to before. It made me come to terms with my fears so that if anything happens in the future, I will understand what is going on, and how to deal with it. The practical sessions is so far my favourite part of the program. It is amazing in terms of the strikes they teach and I cannot tell people enough the amount of satisfaction you get out of it. When you finally do a good one (strike) you feel so powerful. It is just the best thing when you get engaged in the techniques, I just can’t get enough of it. Plus the instructor is super cool, fun to be around, and a good teacher in getting the message across. I enjoyed every single lesson of it and it has been life changing! So whoever is reading this right now, give it a go, if you want to feel powerful and inspired! you won’t regret it!

Sherrie Li (18)

I absolutely loved Finding My Fierce with Amanda! Over the duration the course I learnt so many valuable skills, not only physical self defence, but a greater understanding of the psychology of violence and how to negotiate a way out if  possible. I walk away today feeling confident that if I were confronted with a violent situation, I would be armed with the skills to have a greater chance of survival than before I started. A course like this a part of mandatory High School Education. Thank You Gibbo!

Jessica Stafford (38)

The theory was really detailed and informative. Things you wouldn't usually think about, you learn to make them second nature. Because not everyone is a born fighter. It's empowering to have the smarts to put behind your fists.

Kathryn Heavener (29)

This fun, informative, and empowering course helped me discover myself more, and especially how I act in unexpected and serious situations. I have learned so much and can’t be happier coming out of this course. It has taught me so many skills and techniques, but it also gave me tips on life and how and why people act in certain situations. This course has really given me the confidence to stand up for myself and other s, and not be treated as a “victim” but as a willing fighter. This course has honestly helped my find the fierce person inside me. I was surprised at how much emotions can come out with a guy attacking you. At first there was laughing, then i finally opened up and a rush of tears kept on coming, this feeling as overwhelming. My favourite and best thing I learnt and discovered from myself is to fight thru tears, and never to give up, no matter what the situation may be.

Chantelle Grey (14)

Amanda, Thank you so much for being a great trainer and also for all of your patience and your strength sprinkled with lots of TLC.

This course has given me the confidence and is very well thought out.

Mariola Rafanowicz (57)


I’m so glad I did this in the end. It’s not like it has done anything wrong, actually this course was all a positive experience. It was hard and involved a lot of aggressive behaviour training which i am not used to even though I play basketball every day. It’s definitely something I will use in the future - but hopefully not soon ;) 

Tayla Forbes (16)



I am really really glad that I completed this course, it gave me such a great understanding of how situations can turn really quickly valuable ways that I can avoid confrontation and ensure my safety from just someone making an inappropriate comment all the way up to someone choking me. I feel empowered, and comfortable to live my life freely. During the lessons, I did however feel scared when defending against someone and it made me more submissive and fearful before each lesson. On numerous occasions I wanted to stop because I was scared, but it has taught me to overcome fear and it made me stronger mentally when in the attacking position. Tayla Coulson (16)


I have really enjoyed this course and recommend that anyone looking to protect themselves take it. I have learnt so much from recognising signs of aggression and your legal rights to fighting techniques. The whole course has a very supportive and friendly atmosphere and has given me more confidence in my everyday activities as well as making me feel more confident that I could at least put up a fight if i ever needed to.

Caitlin Ross (17)


At AP8 Fierce Females, I learned about how to deal with a bad situation. For Example; walking on a street at night, and approached by a strange man. I learnt what I should do, solutions if he keeps stepping in. Thanks to the staff, I have the ability to protect myself now.

Anneshelly Chen (17)

AP8 Fierce Females is an empowering and educational program specifically designed for the understanding and practice of the fundamental physical, mental, and emotional skills needed for effective self-defence for women.

Throughout the semester, a small group of women, including myself, have learned assertive strategies to keep ourselves out of harm’s way. The course provided both a practical and educational understanding of the types of violence, abuse and the corresponding legalities that come with confronting situations. Together with this, Amanda, our instructor, taught us how to bring out our ‘inner animal’ and gave us the tools to feel confident and assertive. At the beginning of the course, I was apprehensive about being able to even throw a punch, as I was concerned that I would hurt someone else or even myself. But now, the feeling of being prepared, should I need to defend myself, has given me the confidence I need. 

My perseverance, stamina and inner strength have also increased dramatically over the course. A measure of this is the simple exercise which was repeated throughout the duration of the course. In this exercise, the instructor would repetitively tap us with her mitts and we would attempt to block her. This was interesting, as everyone had different reactions to someone constantly getting up in their space. Some people laughed, some became angry, some cried - I cried. I was so overwhelmed that someone as small as my instructor could invade my space making me take flight, and not fight. However, as weeks went on and I began to add more defence tools onto my metaphorical belt, I began to grow more self-confident and fierce. I progressed from crying and feeling hopeless, to asking Amanda to push me onto the floor again and again so I could improve my strategies to get back up off the ground and get out; this really was an empowering feeling.

The amount of growth and support we have all experienced in AP8 Fierce Females is phenomenal and I would highly recommend this course to any female.

Rachael Flanagan (18)

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and learnt so much more than I expected to. Especially with regards to the theory components, they were very in-depth and relevant to what we were learning.

Amanda’s knowledge of techniques is vast and she knows how to teach them in a way that is easy to understand and execute. All in all, a great course and well worth any woman taking the time to do it.

Bronwyn Akhurst (23)


Daisy .jpg

The “Find Your Fierce’ women’s self defence course has taught me some super useful skills on what to do in all kinds of uncomfortable situations that you could find yourself in. This course is well structured and definitely worth the time, if anything, it is too short ;) I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and highly recommend it to all kinds of women. Amanda is super fun, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. 

Daisy Fielding (17)


Amanda does an awesome course with a lot of background information as well as hands on practical sessions. Well worth attending!

Karin Schwindack (44)

Olivia print.jpg

The AP8 Fierce Females course taught me so much, both about physical defence but also about the theory of violence and how to avoid it in the first place. The knowledge was really empowering and now I have some idea of what I would do in different situations. Every women should do this course as it really is so amazing.

Olivia Broadley (17)


This course provided me with more important and useful life skills than I've ever learnt from school; Pythagoras and organic chemistry isn't going to teach you how to protect yourself in dangerous and life threatening situations. Amanda not only taught me how to fight physically, but also more crucially, how to not be put in that position in the first place. If you're even a little bit interested, don't hesitate and just do it, it's well worth the time and money.

Kristy Wun (17)


Honestly, this program often talked about or covered a lot of uncomfortable topics and situations. However no matter how uncomfortable I was, I completely believe this was necessary and shed light on a lot of situations that I never would have considered. If you ever plan on living or travelling alone it helps with how to deal with situations that could escallate really fast. I did this program as I plan to move to sydney next year by myself, but was feeling a little paranoid, although all my fears are not completely erased I truely feel like I may be capable of handling my way out of something scary. I am 100% satisfied and even plan on continuing in a combat activity at Uni. If you are unsure about completing this course, don’t be! because I feel like the few hours a week you spend with your instructor will truly help you in a lot of scenarios later on in life.

Lakshmi Sithirasenan ( 17)