Amanda Giblin

Amanda Giblin


Amanda Giblin (director, Fierce Trainer)

Amanda Giblin has studied martial arts since the age of 15 and has traveled the world performing live stunt/fight shows for over 15 years. 

Amanda has trained hundreds of fighters, actors, dancers, and stunt performers over the past 10 years as head trainer for the stunt department at Warner Bros Movie World.

2nd dan black belt in Karate and Muay Thai, Amanda has continued her martial arts journey over the years studying other various martial arts to broaden her skills and knowledge. She has extensive experience as a trainer and choreographer. She is a highly respected stunt woman working in feature films, television and live shows.

She is relentless, determined, fun and fierce. Her goals? To share her knowledge of self defence in a safe, fun and empowering way to women all around the world. 

Working alongside psychologists, community leaders, and industry professionals, Amanda developed AP8 Fierce Females courses with one goal in mind: To specifically design programs that accommodate the needs, capabilities, and strengths of the everyday woman. Ensuring each and every woman that attends, leaves feeling empowered and in control.

  • Cert IV Trainer and Assessor 

  • Yoga Instructor

  • First Aid Certificate

  • Karate and Muay Thai Instructor

  • Personal  Trainer

  • Blue card

  • Diploma Business Management



For over 19 years, Carly Rees has worked locally and internationally in film, television and live entertainment as a performer and stunt actor. In this time she has trained across many martial arts and self defence disciplines, stage combat, circus and gymnastics. Over the years she has worked as a fight trainer, gymnastics, circus and theatre teacher for all ages, working for various companies and schools nationally and internationally. She has stunt doubled and assisted fight training for some major actors in various films including Scarlett Johansson (Ghost in the Shell) and Cailee Spaeny (Pacific Rim Uprising) to name a few. 

Carly believes that martial arts and self defence is a training philosophy every woman should be equiped with. She has a passion for instilling confidence and self worth in girls and women, to not only be able to defend themselves but also their loved ones.

She aims to teach the basic understanding of self defence strategies in a safe and positive environment, allowing each participant to be able to access skills from their own ‘fierce’ tool box for any situation. 

Her martial arts training includes: Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, Silate, Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. 

  • Blue Card

  • First Aid and CPR Certificate

  • Cert IV Massage

  • Gymnastics Coach




Angela has had a passion for fitness, health and action from young age. This turning into a career helping others to achieve their goals, gain confidence and of course self-love.

She prides herself on bringing years of life experience and focus to her coaching, whether that be as a personal trainer, or Fierce trainer.

After years working in the construction industry at a FIFO mine , the fiesty Angela sure knows how to hold her own, especially in a male dominated workspace. 

Chasing her dream to be stunt performer, Angela took the leap (of faith) and trained her butt off until she successfully became qualified, and now shares her time between coaching and the film industry.

Angela trains in multiple areas’ including boxing, strength, HIIT, Pilates and over the most recent years Muay Thai and Gymnastics.

Angela is determined to be an example that dreams are achievable, she wants to inspire, encourage, teach and pass on knowledge.

She is an advocate for the importance of not only physical fitness and self defence but also mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Angela WILL and CAN help you to find your fierce!!

  • Cert III & IV Fitness – Personal Trainer

  • White Card

  • Blue Card

  • Cert III Business

  • First Aid & CRP Certificate

Kelly Stacey

Kelly Stacey


Kelly Stacey - Fierce Trainer

Kelly Stacey has travelled the globe sharing her passion and knowledge with many people through teaching and performing. Being a teacher for many years in schools, full time courses and universities, she has inspired an abundance of people of all ages, in a female dominant industry. Sharing the ‘FIERCE’ message to women is so important to Kelly as she believes that if given the knowledge and training, it will empower them to stand up and be the best versions of themselves.

Originally a dancer, trained in both ballet and performing arts, Kelly wanted to broaden her skill set by adding stunts, aerials and pilates, and has been lucky enough to do so. She truly believes that she will never stop learning and hopes that the opportunities to learn are endless.

After conquering her career overseas, she is now home and settled with her family. As a new mum, Kelly’s own personal growth and development continues to be challenged, as she learns to manoeuvre her way around parenthood. Lucky she loves a good challenge!!

She is all about a positive environment and is super comfortable in the classroom. The kind and empowering Kelly can’t wait to help you on your journey to find your fierce!

  • Blue Card

  • First Aid and CPR Certificate

  • Pilates Instructor

  • Diploma in Dance

Nicole Farrelly

Nicole Farrelly


Nicole Farrelly - Fierce Trainer

Nicole’s life is dedicated to taking on society’s opinions on what females can and cannot achieve.

She has been the only female in most of her work places, none without experiencing discrimination, gender inequality and bullying. Nicole has a long list of firsts, breaking stereotypes and glass ceilings around her as she goes.

  • First female diesel fitter T.A. in QLD

  • First female concrete pumper in QLD

  • First female burn out bike contestant and winner in QLD

Whilst working as a prison guard, she now trains and competes in over 15 extreme sports on her road to becoming a stunt women. 

One of Nicole’s biggest goals is to empower females to have the confidence and know how to safely achieve their dreams. Working alongside domestic violence organisations Nicole can be found deeply seeded in most community events, recently running all female training/competitions in extreme sports. If she is not sky diving, wake boarding, or stunt riding on her motorcycle you can find Nicole in her favourite Muay thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or mixed martial arts ( MMA) gym giving the boys hell.

Like our blogs? Learn a little more about our passionate, dedicated and all round amazing writer, Abby Blaisdell.

Abby Perretti-Blaisdell

Abby Perretti-Blaisdell


Abby Perretti-Blaisdell

Abby Perretti-Blaisdell has been a writer and storyteller since the first time she picked up a crayon. Today, she is a freelance writer, blogger, and self-published author who started taking her craft more seriously following a 20-year hitch in the US Army. During her tenure as a Soldier, she served under the Special Operations Command, attaining the rank of Sergeant First Class. With seven deployments and a handful of other overseas postings, her military career spanned the globe.

Since retiring from the military, she has continued to work as a private consultant with the Army’s Special Operations community. She spends her spare time toying around with different combinations of words for money, unapologetically admitting to her status as a Star Wars fangirl, and sampling craft beers.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and is now, thanks to a particularly nasty episode of identity theft, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology with a concentration in Cyber Security.

She is a certified Master Resiliency Trainer through the University of Pennsylvania and a certified Military Combative Level 1 instructor through the US Army’s Modern Army Combative School. She has held positions as a Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Victim Representative and Counsellor, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Lead Course Developer and trainer for military Female Engagement Teams and the US Army’s Civil Affairs Qualification Course. Of particular pride to Abby, and holding a place near to heart, is the Women’s Centre she opened in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2010.

World travel, jumping out of aeroplanes, and using her written words to give voice to those who have none, are some of Abby's favourite things. Her sense of humour is as large as her sense of adventure, and those two things combined with a keyboard make her almost dangerous.

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